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12.3mm Laminate - LAV-55 Khaki Pine
Khaki Pine is a 12.3mm laminate with Tap&Go Locking System. A member of the Lavie family, Khaki Pine is unique for its mixed plank look and strong surface texture. It has dark grains and distress marks that resemble that of reclaimed wood. Khaki Pine is the warmest color in the family, and brings to the home coziness and excitement. Tap&Go locking system keeps the flooring gap, warp and separation resistant.

12.3mm Laminate - LAV-55 Khaki Pine

    • Item No: LAV-55
    • Series: Lavie
    • Color: Khaki Pine
    • Thickness: 12.3mm
    • Plank Width: 7.76"
    • Plank Length: 47.24"
    • Locking System: TAP&GO
    • Warranty: 25 Years
    • SqFt per Box: 27.99
    • Wear: AC3
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