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12.3mm Laminate - MHT-23 Hickory Amazon
Hickory Amazon is a 12.3mm laminate with Tap&Go Locking System. It is hand-scraped with texture that follow the patterns of the wood. Like the rest of the Magic series, it has smooth joints that bring together seamless connections. One of the lighter colors in the family, it helps to brighten the home with its light brown coloring. Tap&Go locking system keeps your floors gap, warp and separation resistant.

12.3mm Laminate - MHT-23 Hickory Amazon

    • Item No: MHT-23
    • Series: Magic
    • Color: Hickory Amazon
    • Thickness: 12.3mm
    • Plank Width: 6.54"
    • Plank Length: 47.68"
    • Locking System: TAP&GO
    • Warranty: 25 Years
    • SqFt per Box: 25.97
    • Wear: AC3
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