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12.3mm Laminate - SXM-990 Natural Oak
Natural Oak is a white-washed natural-colored oak laminate. Characterized with French white-washed wood patterns, it is a modern twist on a traditional wood style. The natural oak color helps to brighten the home, and the white wood grains gives it character, for a classic, yet modern look. Tap&Go locking system makes the flooring gap-resistant, warp-resistant and separation-resistant.

12.3mm Laminate - SXM-990 Natural Oak

SKU: SXM-990
    • Item No: SXM-990
    • Series: Seine
    • Color: Natural Oak
    • Thickness: 12.3mm
    • Plank Width: 7.76""
    • Plank Length: 47.24"
    • Locking System: TAP&GO
    • Warranty: 25 Years
    • SqFt per Box: 27.99
    • Wear: AC3
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