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14mm Strandwoven Bamboo - SW-02 Carbonized
Strandwoven Bamboo is stronger than solid bamboo and most types of hardwood. Bamboo is a grass rather than a wood, making it much more resistant to water. Carbonized bamboo has a matte finish to it, giving your home a warm look. Bamboo is humidity and temperature sensitive--we strongly recommend installing a humidifier if you live in a dry area. It is a floating floor, so be sure cabinets and other heavy fixtures are not installed over your bamboo flooring.

14mm Strandwoven Bamboo - SW-02 Carbonized

SKU: SW-02
    • Item Number: SW-02
    • Type: Strandwoven Bamboo
    • Color: Carbonized
    • Gloss: Matte
    • Surface: Smooth
    • Locking: TAP&GO Locking System
    • Thickness: 14mm
    • Width: 4.9"
    • Length: 36"
    • Sq.Ft. per Box: 19.70
    • Warranty: 25 Years
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